I have had problematic skin almost all my life.  This year, after trying numerous products (prescription, seen on tv, drugstore, etc…) I think I’ve finally found the solution to a natural/flawless looking face.  You can check out what skincare regimen I’ve been doing here.  The products I’ve been using have really helped even out my skin tone, clear up acne & reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and pores.

Now onto the makeup routine.  First I start with a primer.  I like to use Benefit’s POREfessional.  This is my must have product!!!!  It’s really soft and erases all of my pores and lines.  It feels like silk and is very light weight.  Next, I apply a BB cream with my foundation brush.  This time I used Smashbox’s BB Cream, but normally I use Dr. Jart.  Then, with my concealer brush I apply my Smashbox concealer to my under eyes, nose, chin…basically anywhere I have redness or problem areas.  Then I set my foundation with my PurMinerals powder.


Time for bronzing/contouring, blush and highlighting.  For bronzing I use my MAC Nude on Board Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder.  I apply that to my temples, just below my cheeks sides of my nose and under my chin.  Now, depending on the look I’m going for I have many blushes to choose from, but for today I used my NARS blush in Orgasm to the apples of my cheeks.  I follow that with the NARS multiple stick in Orgasm on the areas of the face I want to highlight.  Blending all these products is the key.


To set the whole look and to create a completely flawless finish I use my Make Up Forever HD powder.  I apply lightly with a brush to my entire face.  This sets the makeup and creates a smooth finish.  I love this product.  It makes my skin feel so soft and silky.


BEFORE                                                                                                     AFTER

Voila!  Here’s the finished result.  I can see a complete difference from the before and after.  My skin tone is even.  My blemishes and pores are covered and I have a natural/healthy looking glow.

(Please excuse the mess of eyebrows I have going on right now.  Plucking those are in my immediate future)

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