Nfu Oh 51 is a sheer purple jelly with multi colored flakies. This is a gorgeous color. However, you do need a base color or at least several coats to achieve this look.


I bought mine from FabulousStreet.com. I believe it was around $15 per bottle, but totally worth the price. The color is unique and so is the bottle. I mean, have you ever seen a corset bottle before?

Taken indoors

Taken outdoors in the shade and direct sunlight.

Here’s another picture to show the color change…



3 responses »

  1. Samantha says:

    Gorgeous and unique…love it!

  2. Jellie Bean says:

    I recently bought this I was a little underwhelmed by it but I’m determiined to love it lol

  3. I find that if you use a base color, like a blue or a purple first, the color seems to stand out more. I used OPI’s louvre louvre me not underneath and the Nfu Oh 51 came out more purple-y. I have seen swatches with a blue base coat and it looks really pretty. More of the rainbow color shows.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

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