Hi everyone!

As promised (via facebook), I’ve decided to start my own beauty blog.  It’s more like an beauty/fashion/recipe/life blog…but beauty will be the main focus.  However, this is my first post so the theme could change at any time. 

So, for my very first post how about a nail polish review?  Ok!

Butter London-Marrow & Butter London-No More Waity Katie

Marrow (left)  No More Waity, Katie (right) with flash

Marrow is a dark plum/purple color…well, actually it’s like a bone marrow cell color (which is actually very pretty) and it has a faint shimmer to it.  Honestly, this has to be one of my favorite purple colored nail polishes that I own.  It’s like smoky eye, but in nail polish form (if that makes any sense).  It’s delightful.  I have a few Butter London polishes, but I think this one has the smoothest applications so far.  It applies evenly, doesn’t streak and seems a little thicker than the other Butter London polishes.  As far as wear and chipping…it’s only been three days, but I’ve noticed this hasn’t chipped as easily as the other polishes.  It’s lovely. 

No More Waity, Katie is a smoky lavender color.  I can’t really say too much about the color because I layered it over Marrow.  I can’t wait to try it on it’s own.  Maybe it will look like tiny lavender bushes on my fingernails?  No?  I do have to say, although Butter London’s glitter polishes are GORGEOUS…they are a real bitch to take off (as with most polishes), but boy do they sparkle!  With the glitter polishes, usually 3 coats is just enough.

Do I recommend?  Definitely!  At $14 a bottle they’re pretty expensive, and I haven’t really found these polishes discounted online anywhere.  Plus, they’re excluded from any Ulta coupons :(.  Which reminds me…Ulta is doing their 21 Days of Beauty right now, and I believe that either this week or next week they are having some sort of promotion for Butter London.  Check this weeks ad just to be sure.

I hope you liked my first post.  Please subscribe and comment if you want more.  If you do, what would you like to see?


About cupcakesandmisanthropy

I like horror movies, kittens, makeup/nail polish/beauty products, baking, cooking, metal, hip hop & being awesome :)

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  1. Samantha says:

    This is a great first post, Amber! I like the layout and structure…it flows well and is easy to read. Excellent work : )

  2. […] I have two reviews for you today.  The first is Essie-Shine of the Times layered over Butter London-Marrow.  You can see my review for Butter London-Marrow here.  […]

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